Set of 10 headbands - this is a holiday set, with 2ea royal blue, silver, gold, light blue and white headbands. $3 wholesale, $5-$6 suggested retail.

These chunky glittery soft flexible headbands are amazing by themselves or to wear a few at a time for a beautiful trendy look. Headbands are soft, almost squishy like, and are very flexible they also have a black end piece so they don't poke at the ears. They are approx. 4.5 inches wide at the widest and 5.5 inches long at the tallest point.

See Sparkle Headbands album for professional photos to use on your social media, and stock images of these individual headbands for your sales.

Hanukkah Sparkle Headbands - 10 Flexible Holiday Glitter Headbands

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