This listing is for reorders of your wholesale printed fabric bows, and includes:

  • 25 summer themed printed fabric bows ($200 value, at $8.00 each)




This is such a fun mix of seasonal glitters and prints that can be used all season (and beyond!)! 
*We won't be able to accommodate print requests as they are precut and bundled.


There are two options when ordering holiday/special release packs this month:
- 25 Printed Fabric Bows
- 25 Mixed Snap Clip Pack


➡️ There is a strict limit of 1 pack of each per person for the first 24 hours ONLY.

(*See notes below on obtaining additional inventory after the initial 24 hours)


➡️ We do ask that you order all special release pack items on one order together, without any additional non-holiday/special release pack items on that order (ready to ship marketing materials are fine). This will help us get your holiday orders out in a timely manner, without other reorder items slowing down the process of your special release pack orders.

Orders open for our holiday packs on June 1st at 9:00 am pst, and will be filled in the order received. Although they will be placed in an expedited special release queue, like all of our handmade items they are not currently ready to ship and are made to order.



You MUST have already placed your buy-in order in order to place a special release/holiday order. Holiday/special release orders go in a separate queue to ensure they are delivered within the seasonal need, so they cannot be ordered along with your buy in order, or with ANY OTHER handmade hair accessory item (promo/marketing materials are okay since they are ready to ship).
So if you have already placed your buy in order, you are welcome to place a special release order, but please keep in mind that you will probably get your special release order before your buy in order (it will be a smaller first order, but super fun to get an order sooner than later!).



You must place a regular (not special release or holiday release) order at least once every 6 months (thats only twice a year) to stay active in our program. This is for regular stocked handmade products. If you have not placed a regular order of fabric bows in 6 months, please do so before placing your special release order.


➡️ If you have recently had a change of address - PLEASE be sure to make those address changes BEFORE placing your orders. Be sure to make the change in both the ordering platform, as well as through PayPal. This will not change your shipping address on orders already in the system, but making this change before placing your next order will be very helpful (vs. getting follow up messages to change the shipping address).


➡️Although every item photographed will be part of the release, the photos may not necessarily represent all of what will actually come in your specific boxes. We have lots of additional wonderful inventory that will be in all of the orders. These blind boxes are presorted before orders are processed, so no special requests can be filled for special releases.


➡️ *Limited availability: There will be limited packs of each available (not enough for every single wholesaler) - first come first served, so we do expect them to sell out rather quickly. But as usual, if any inventory remains we will open up the rest of the stock to anyone who's interested in snagging the rest 24 hours after initial release (no limits after 24 hours). If you do order additional packages the next day, PLEASE be sure to note your original special release order number in the notes section of the additional order, or your orders will not be combined.


We hope these simple "rules" will make your holiday ordering process simple, easy, and quick!

AMERICANA PACK - 25 Printed Fabric Bows

Bows on Clips or Elastic Headbands?



    • Includes 25 mixed summer themed fabric bows

    All wholesale orders are final sale.